Why a Boerboel?

The only way to answer this question is to tell you how I Mark Brownlee came to find and fall in love with this brilliant breed. I meet Brian and Suzanne of Redland Boerboels (amazing people) when my wife and I, plus four kids, a wee Chihuahua named peanut, a mini wiener dog named, pain in my backside (wife’s dogs) moved to Oregon City, OR. Brian told me he was taking Immer Moed Xfire (Indy) his outstanding male Boerboel to the Rose City Classic AKC dog show. I begged and he let me tag along with him, it was a great day. I asked 150 questions which he kindly answered. This is how I found out about his first Boerboel and foundation dam Selects EZ. The next day he brought EZ, so I could meet her and have a dog to walk around with at the show, Great Right?! Till I was walking thru the parking lot with this most Bonnie 130 lb female boerboel on a leash, feeling her incredible strength, and realizing that if she wished she could have drug my 235 lb chunky scottish rear around the lot like a rag doll. Well she didn’t, as we arrived at the entrance I had an epiphany.  I was about to enter a building which had hundreds of dogs in it. I had only met EZ 5 mins ago, honestly I was shaken inside. I started screaming in my head what would Cesar do, be the pack leader, don’t let your fear go down the leash to EZ. We walked thru the building‘s without an incident thanks to all of Brian’s training work and EZ’S outstanding temperament. I sat down on a bench, EZ sat in front of me between my knees, and looked back and licked my chin and let me know everything was gonna be alright. Why a Boerboel?  Because they can FEEL you, they’re a step above the rest, it’s just that EZ!